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Never has a franchise opportunity been more timely.

is helping support guests and members on their path to a healthier, more pro-active lifestyle. The need and demand for pHountain stores is ever growing as the world looks to make healthier lifestyle choices.


Hardly a day passes without a headline news story, about toxins in our water, chemicals in our food, health problems on the rise. This increased awareness of these issues has created the demand.


pHountain is part of the Solution.


pHountain stores are pro-active health centers providing education, products and services all with the purpose of helping our clients give their bodies the nutrition it needs to thrive and helping rid toxins with a 3-step detox.


Some of the benefits of a pHountain franchise include:


  • A feel good business that helps people live healthier lifestyles
  • Membership based business model with recurring revenue
  • Multiple revenue streams
  • High margin products and services
  • Work with holistic minded employees and customers
  • Love what you do
  • Strong franchisor training and ongoing support

Why pHountain?

  • Our membership programs create a residual income for our franchise owners
  • Our services are high margin, with low labor costs to execute
  • Our proprietary pHactor products can only be found at pHountain
  • The growing demand for pro-active wellness has never been stronger

Helping others has never been so rewarding!

Own a Franchise and Bring Pro-Active Wellness to Your Community.

About pHountain

pHountain started when the founder lost yet another family member to cancer. After an intense research mission the founder was determined to find ways to protect himself and his family from a future potential lethal disaster. He discovered the connection of live alkaline foods, alkaline nutrients and alkaline waters. He was able to lose 40lbs without trying, do multiple gym workouts per day and slept better than ever before, and lowering his blood pressure and cholesterol levels.  This life changing experience gave him a higher awareness on how powerful greens, superfoods and alkaline water were and the positive side effects that come along with them. Wanting to share this breakthrough with the world, pHountain was born in early 2010.


Switching over from a synthetic reactive lifestyle that is based on curing and treatment to natural proactive lifestyle that is based on prevention and nutrients is one of the first things you will learn at pHountain.


pHountain is your central source for “super-foods” and “alkaline” supplements. Our all-natural ingredients are hand picked for organic standards to bring you the most popular and effective empowering products on the market today. We carry a full line of our own all natural PHACTOR products (Green pHactor, Super pHactor, Fiber pHactor and, Earth pHactor) as well as many other plant and super-food based nutritional products.


pHountain is your complete health center built on a model of nutrition awareness, education and research to deliver the most innovative detox and restorative solutions made affordable and accessible to everyone.


For the past 30 years, the faults of a reactive lifestyle and a lack of education in basic nutrition has led to a global epidemic of being dangerously overweight, chemically unstable and physically unbalanced. The pHountain mission forges to drive the message of positive living and assertive problem-solving – otherwise known as the PHOUNTAIN PRO-ACTIVE LIFESTYLE. With all the proven health products, state-of-the-art restorative technologies and services plus the support of our highly trained and certified staff, pHountain’s alkaline movement has brought so many true life examples of improved physical performance, better immune system and a complete “makeover” in the way people take care of their bodies and the way they live.



Being proactive is a mental shift of putting hydration, detoxification and nutrients in the body now, instead of foreign chemicals later in a weak, dehydrated and nutrient less body. Choosing alkaline tonics over acidic toxins. Detoxifying the body instead of retoxifying the body.  Being skillfully on purpose now, is what pHountain is all about.


The balanced diet and lifestyle you have been looking for is guided by pHountain. It’s all about knowledge, support, and the right resources, all of which pHountain provides. We give everyone the ability to take control of their health and your body now with pHountain’s water, Super pHactor, Green pHactor and detoxing services. The most naturally potent foods and waters are alkaline, the most nutrient less and energy less to the body are known to be acidic.

Be Proactive


We live in a world where the air, water and food are contaminated. Isn’t it ironic that these three elements are also the three main things that we need to survive?  We are sorry to say that we will never win the war on toxins and that limiting your exposure and detoxifying your body will be your best defense.  Good news is, your body is already a detoxifying machine, we can easily help you stimulate and advance your bodies own detoxification systems with our proven 3 step detox sequence.



Your body is fueled by vitamins and minerals that are in constant need of replenishing on a daily basis. Most of us are more concerned with replenishing macro-nutrients such as protein, carbohydrates and fats that you need to survive. We want you to be more concerned with replenishing the micro-nutrients (vitamins & minerals) found in  green drinks, superfoods so that you can not only survive, but THRIVE!


Green drinks are one of the most powerful foods you can implement into you daily routine to replenish and nourish the body.  Vital greens support and maintain the body from the inside out. At pHountain we educate our consumers about the importance of starting every day with a Green pHactor drink as a proactive lifestyle ritual. We encourage our customers to increase these benefits by combining with Super pHactor to create a satisfying, health boosting smoothie which supplies all essential nutrients to start the day. This increases revenue, while supporting pHountain member's goals for optimum health.

Nourish & Replenish


pHountain has a complete turnkey opportunity for our franchise partners. We have tested, tweaked, invested and reinvested in our business model to create what we believe to be an incredible offering to both our customers and our franchise owners.


We are committed to your success. As a franchise owner, you will receive all the support you would expect with a world class franchisor. We provide our franchisees with...


  • 3 weeks of upfront training
  • Grand opening support
  • Ongoing training and Support
  • Cloud base POS allowing for a Universal pHountain Membership
  • Large franchisor support and training team
  • Vendor relationships with preferred pricing
  • Proprietary products and processes


Owning a pHountain franchise can be as emotionally rewarding as it is financially rewarding, by giving others the knowledge and tools to make changes to their life and diet to be more pro-active about health.


As a pHountain store owner you will help customers and members live proactive healthy lifestyles by offering products and services to help detox the body and feed the body the purest superfood nutrition.


  • Our membership programs create a residual income for our franchise owners
  • Our services are high margin, with low labor costs to execute
  • Our proprietary pHactor products can only be found at pHountain
  • The growing demand for pro-active wellness has never been stronger


Customers have the option and most often take advantage of our monthly membership program allowing for discounts on these products and services.


With so many lifestyle diseases on the rise like cancer, diabetes, heart disease, etc on the rise, and more awareness of the toxins in our life, people are looking to take a different approach to health and diet. pHountain franchises is part of the solution and is poised for explosive growth. pHountain is both the gateway to health as well as fulling and rewarding business.



Our Water is not only filtered through our pHountain pHresh System, it is enhanced with minerals and molecular hydrogen for optimal health benefits . After years in business and studying the water industry, pHountain has created its own water filtration system and enhancement process and proudly offers customers what we believe the be the best water available.

Clean, Safe, Drinking Water

The Business Model Consists of 3 Major Offerings:


The 3 essential elements we need to survive, air, water and food, are all contaminated with a ridiculous amount of chemicals, pesticides and other toxins. Our bodies need help removing these harmful carcinogens from our bodies.

Detox Services


The human diet is over processed. While many of us eat a calorie rich diet, few of us are eating a nutrient rich diet. pHountain’s proprietary Green pHactor and Super pHactor give the body the most alkaline superfoods in powder form.

Proprietary Nutritional Products




Submit your request for additional information.



Intro Call

A team member will be reaching out to you to learn more about your business goals, schedule an introductory call with a brand development manager and answer and answer any initial questions you have.






You will be working with a brand development manager to review a presentation that will provide compressive information regarding our franchise opportunity. You will have the chance to address any questions you have.

FDD Review Call

This call is an opportunity to address any questions you have with the franchise disclosure document or any other questions that you have with the opportunity.


If there is mutual interest in continuing the franchise awarding process you will need to fill out our franchise application and we will provide you with our franchise disclosure document for your review.




We strongly recommend that franchise candidates speak and meet with our current franchise owners to have a chance to get the perspective of what it is like to own a pHountain franchise direct from our owners.



Meet the Team Day

We want to know you better, as we are sure you want to know us better before we commit to this exciting journey together. You will have the chance to tour a store and break bread with the founder of pHountain, our CEO and head of Operations to address any remaining questions.





You will work with the pHountain development team to secure your final territory of no less then 75,000 people in population.

Contract Review

Our legal team and development office will work to address any questions you or your advisors may have.




If we are all in agreement, we welcome you to the pHountain pHamily and you will transition from working with the pHountain franchise development team to the pHountain operations team.





What does it cost to open a pHountain franchise?

It is estimated that a typical pHountain franchise will cost between $280,000 and $477,500 to open a location.


How much money can I make?

We do not make earnings claims. Franchise prospects will have the opportunity to speak with our franchise owners and to help make informed conclusions on the financial performance.


Can I run a pHountain semi-absentee?

We require a full time Manager that has been trained by our team and that will work with our Field Support Team.


How long to open a location?

5-10 months, this can vary considerably.


What are the ongoing fees to the franchisor?

pHountain collects a 4% Royalty fee, a 1% Advertising Fee, 1%  Local Advertising fee, and a $200 monthly technology fee.


How do I find a location?

pHountain has preferred Real Estate partners that know our needs in the marketplace. You are encouraged to work with our real estate team.


How long has pHountain been in business?

pHountain opened its first location in 2011 on Long Island. Currently there are 4 pHountain locations. pHountain began franchising in 2015.


What training is offered?

pHountain offers comprehensive training at both our corporate offices in Lindenhurst, NY and corporate managed stores. There is 3 weeks of training and opening assistance with our operations team.



Contact Us | Call 516-626-5500

pHountain Development Team


Stuart Levenberg



Lisa Love


612 N Queens Ave

Lindenhurst, NY 11757






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